Florida Keys snail species named right after iconic Jimmy Buffet music

No salt on this margarita, please.

Experts honored the late Jimmy Buffett by naming a recently found out species of marine snail living in the Florida Keys following a single of his most legendary tracks.

The little, crucial-lime-colored Coya margarita was located hiding inside the coral barrier reef along the Keys, a collection of islands extensive connected with the yacht rock star’s 1977 hit “Margaritaville,” according to a study published Monday in the journal PeerJ. 

Biologist Rüdiger Bieler, the report’s direct creator and self-described Parrothead, claimed the lemon-coloring of the mystery snail instantly reminded him of the song’s signature cocktail.

“In some techniques, our workforce was no stranger to the regional signature drink. And of class, Jimmy Buffett’s tunes,” Bieler, who is curator of invertebrates at the Field Museum of Normal Heritage in Chicago, told CNN.

Researchers named a new marine snail residing species named the Cayo Margarita immediately after a single of Jimmy Buffett’s most legendary music.
Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

“So when we came up with a species name, we truly needed to allude to the coloration of the drink and the point that it life in the Florida Keys.”

Bieler and his workforce located the margarita snails whilst conducting scuba surveys in the Florida Keys Nationwide Marine Sanctuary.

They also found a close, lime-colored relative in the course of a different expedition in Belize.

The Margarita Snail is demonstrated in the center of a useless segment of a substantial mind coral.
R. Bieler

They developed a new genus, Cayo, just after the Spanish term for a little, small island, then opted to name margarita for Buffet — who died of pores and skin most cancers in September — and the lime snail galbinus, which signifies “greenish-yellow.” 

The colourful snails “are so smaller and so effectively-concealed that we’ve not encountered them before in the course of our scuba diving surveys. We experienced to glimpse incredibly closely,” Bieler reported in a statement.

The special shades are “likely warning colors” before offering toxic metabolites in its mucus, Beiler explained — a critical defense system for a species that vegetation by itself down in a endlessly home as a juvenile.

An underwater closeup of the lime-colored Margarita Snail of the Belizean reef, Cayo galbinus appears.
R. Bieler

Just after getting a very well-safeguarded piece of lifeless coral, the Cayo “hunker down, cement their shell to the substrate, and never transfer once again,” Bieler mentioned.

“Their shell proceeds to improve as an irregular tube all-around the snail’s entire body, and the animal hunts by laying out a mucus world wide web to trap plankton and bits of detritus.”

Contemplating their bright coloring and tendency to attach themselves to a single house forever, scientists were astounded that the Cayo had not been learned just before.

The Coya margarita was observed inside the coral barrier reef together the Keys, a collection of islands affiliated with Jimmy Buffett’s strike “Margaritaville.”
Gary Gershoff/WireImage

Their discovery, nonetheless, only proves that there is so much nevertheless to be found.

“It’s an additional sign that proper under our noses, we have undescribed species. This is in snorkeling depth in a seriously touristed location, and we’re even now getting new things all all-around us,” stated Bieler.

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