Prince Harry to get ‘brutally attacked’ and ‘covered in water’

Prince Harry to get ‘brutally attacked’ and ‘covered in water’

Industry experts warn Prince Harry is jeopardizing a really brutal assault, in 2024, in the eyes of a psychic.

All of his claims have been brought to light in a online video titled 2024 Entire world Psychic Predictions, by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

It highlights an incoming “actual general public argument in between Harry and Meghan in a general public put.”

Craig also extra, “I keep seeing Harry’s indignant facial area on the front pages of newspapers, red, furious. And some thing that happened at a general public celebration.”

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When speaking about the opportunity attack, Craig claimed, “I observed even Harry getting attacked in community, covered in drinking water or a thing – not like physically damage, I really don’t consider.”

“I’ve noticed him drenched or coated in water as if to say, you know, general public distaste towards him.”

In regards to Meghan Markle, he additional, “I’m viewing Meghan’s received a new e-book out.”

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“Or preparing a new book” by the seems of it, he also extra in the center of the converastion.

In advance of signing off he also additional, “I get the feeling it is possibly likely to be stopped or delayed – one thing big is going to go incorrect with that.”

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